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Message from the Founder

How it all started


July 28th

Long before now, as far back as 1998, I had been an inspiration and part of the success stories of some individuals in my childhood neighborhood. I do not know how to ignore the genius in every individual I meet. This restlessness continued as I established myself as the publisher of BusinessIQ magazine, the pan Africa magazine for entrepreneurs (, and then a business consultant. But My BusinessIQ Philanthropy wasn’t born until the 28th of July, 2018—it was the morning of my 39th birthday.

It was 7am and I was still in bed when my phone rang. It was a call from an aspiring entrepreneur who needed my financial assistant to write/do a practical exam for the completion of a Diploma Course in Cakes and Catering. He had sold his shoes and smart phone to start the program. He had nothing else to sell to complete the program.

There I was, on my bed, waiting for some surprise birthday cakes and gifts while a young man needed financial support to achieve his entrepreneurial dream. I got out of bed, drove to his neighborhood and gave him the money. It was so good, like always, helping yet another entrepreneur achieved his goal. That act led to the birth of BusinessIQ Philanthropy.

BusinessIQ Philanthropy isn’t about me; it is about empowering young entrepreneurs who may be helpless. They deserve to be empowered, and the only way we can is when we take ownership. As you read this, take ownership and in your own little way, decide to contribute to support the worthy cause of distributing BusinessIQ magazine for teens in public secondary schools across Africa. That is the vision and the mission put together. So, don’t leave this platform until you have clicked donate. Everyone who has done that has their names engraved in our Hall of Fame.

Thank you for support this cause.